Window Replacement Companies Bloomington IL

Window Replacement Companies Bloomington IL

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If you’re considering replacing your windows, we know that there must be a reason to do so. Whether you repair or completely replace a window is up to you, so we’ve provided a few questions to ask yourself before you contact various window replacement companies in Bloomington IL:

Are your old windows a hassle?

Are you sick and tired of nursing your windows along, or are you OK with the minor maintenance jobs that go along with them? Consider:

  • Ease of operation. Do they lift, swing or slide easily, or do you hesitate to open them when you want ventilation?
  • Condensation. Does condensation regularly collect on the glass, cloud the view and soak the window trim? Higher-efficiency glass in new windows will help reduce this problem.
  • Storm windows. Do you mind cleaning, maintaining and putting up and taking down storm windows? Do your storms need replacement?
  • Cleaning. Is this so difficult that you avoid doing it? Many new windows are designed to make cleaning a snap.

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Are your old windows comfortable?

Single-pane windows often leave rooms feeling chilly and dry in cold weather and overheated in warm, sunny weather. Due to this, windows with double-pane glass can greatly improve the comfort of your home. They’ll reduce condensation so you can keep the indoor humidity at a higher, more comfortable level in cold weather.

Additionally, new energy-efficient windows will also save on your fuel bills as a bonus!

Are your old windows worth repairing?

Certainly, one can repair and restore old windows if you’re willing to set aside the time and can find replacement hardware. Most of the time, however, it is not worth the effort and expense. Major problems include:

  • Rot – Once rot starts, it’s tough to stop unless you commit yourself to replacing the rotted wood (a difficult job) and then maintaining it regularly. Consider replacement.
  • Fogged double-pane glass – The fogging that occurs between the glass panes can’t be fixed. Glass replacement is the only solution. Compare the “fix-it” cost with the cost of a new window.
  • Hard-to-find replacement hardware – Call the window manufacturer or local window dealer if you can identify the window brand and model number. Unfortunately, it is quite the lengthy process. Most of the time, new windows are the only option.

These solutions are often still costly. Not to mention, they simply do not last as long as replacing the window. Our experts would love to discuss your options with you.

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