Window Repair Bloomington IL

Window Repair Bloomington IL

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Window repair can be a cost-efficient alternative to complete replacement if done correctly. There are several types of repairs, made through replacing parts, that you can choose from:

Window Sash Replacement

The sash, or glass panels, is the easiest piece to replace. You should only consider this option if the frame is still in great shape, without water damage or warping.

Repairmen can glaze new sashes like any other window, but this solution makes the wear-and-tear on old frames more obvious. So choose this option if aesthetics are less important to you.

Sash and Frame Replacement

Consider this option when the window jambs are in good condition, but the window frame is showing signs of wear. The new window frame will be fit into existing jambs and while these are expensive to buy, you can save in labor costs.

Shot of Garage Door After Window Repair in Bloomington IL

Replacing the Entire Unit

If the entire window unit is too compromised to repair, a full replacement is recommended. This will require removing the old trim and casings, which is the most intrusive because the home is open while the replacement windows are installed. Of the three options, this one gives you new flashing, trim, sealants and insulation. So it gives you the best performance.

If you’ve decided on a full replacement, not only can you upgrade your windows, you can add amenities such as between-the-glass blinds and improved window screens.

Window Repair and Replacement

The Department of Energy estimates that $35 billion in energy is lost through windows every year. Thus, experts recommend buying the best windows you can afford, even if it means installing them in stages.

Even if you don’t replace the entire window, a sash or sash-and-frame update will improve your home’s curb appeal, decrease energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

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