Attractive Showroom

Many people have had rotten experiences buying online- where the product they receive hardly resembled the product featured on the site they purchased it from. At Crawford and Brinkman, we believe there is still something special and pragmatic about having an attractive showroom readily available for our customers.

Why an Attractive Showroom Matters…

For one, you know what you’re buying. Photos don’t capture the feel of the grain of the door or the finish of its paint. You can’t examine the texture of the product or fully assess its beauty and functionality unless you’re there. Would you buy a house just from looking at pictures? No! There’s value in visiting it in person.


At Crawford and Brinkman, we like that we can help you to visualize how a door or window will look before buying it. We believe having that tangible product in our attractive showroom will help you imagine what it will be like to either come home from work and walk through your new front door, or sit in your office and look out a lovely, energy efficient window.


We like that our attractive showroom will display our vast selection of top-of-the-line doors and windows. We want you to see that you have options. You have choices. You can get a flavor of different styles.  And who knows? Maybe a product you would never have considered online might serendipitously catch your eye in our attractive showroom. 

Come to our attractive showroom! 

If you are interested in browsing through potential windows or doors for your home or business in Central Illinois, contact Crawford and Brinkman today!