Broken Window? Damaged Door? 

Whenever life throws you a curve ball, it’s good to be ready. That means knowing who to turn to when you need repairs done on your home’s windows, doors, and awnings. After all, a botched repair job leaves you dissatisfied and can seriously take a toll your wallet. That’s why it’s important to select the right repair service for your home. Know that at Crawford and Brinkman, your satisfaction is our top priority. You can trust us with your home repairs.

Why Should You Trust Crawford and Brinkman?

In the world of repairs, you need a company that can deliver a quick and reliable solution to meet your needs. For over 60 years, Crawford and Brinkman has faithfully served homeowners from Peoria to Bloomington and beyond. As an IDEA-certified door dealer, we are the smart choice for the repair of doors, windows and awnings. When you call us, we won’t send you contractors who might prioritize haste over quality. We send you our experienced in-house technicians, who have handled commercial repairs for several years. When you call Crawford and Brinkman, you are in good hands.

Are Repairs an Affordable Service?

As someone who does their research, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your residential or commercial repair. As such, you’ll want to know what the bottom line is. And while some companies make you pay to come out and inspect your problem, Crawford and Brinkman offers free estimates on every jobs.

No “Surprises”

You can expect to receive the utmost respect from the teams at Crawford & Brinkman. For over six decades, we have built trust with residents and businesses throughout Pekin, Galesburg, Peoria, Bloomington, Morton, Metamora, Washington and beyond. Crawford and Brinkman provides service you can trust. We offer free estimates on all of our jobs because we feel the need to do right by our customers. 

Furthermore, our estimates are as realistic as possible. We will never surprise you with extra fees or price gouging on materials. It’s simply not the honest way to operate a business. 

Our Fast and Friendly Service Guarantee

New York Times survey showed that consumers are “willing to go to another provider because of bad service: 63 percent of complainers, or 23 percent of the total, said they switched to a different company, and 77 percent of complainers (28 percent of the total) looked to use other service providers more often.”

We understand our business depends on your satisfaction with our service. Thus, it’s our goal to provide fast and friendly service on every job we do.

Part of that means entrusting your job to expert technicians who we know and trust. There are no “sub-contractors” working with Crawford & Brinkman. Instead, we employ in-house technicians to cater to every repair job.

Choose Crawford and Brinkman for Your Repair!

If you are looking for experienced technicians to handle your home’s window, door, or awning repair, contact Crawford and Brinkman today!