Strek-O Commercial Wood Doors

Strek-O Commercial Wood Doors

Businesses Can Benefit from Strek-O Commercial Wood Doors

From schools to offices and hospitals, interior design plays a significant role for those who spend time in a facility. And with Strek-O commercial wood doors, you can contribute significantly to the beauty and style of a business while also providing protection and privacy. And Crawford & Brinkman are just the contractors to set you up with the fantastic doors offered by Strek-O.

Not Your Average Door

Unlike other wood doors assembled quickly and using cheap materials, Strek-O takes time with each door they assemble, allowing for incredible durability and functionality.

  • Manufacturing: We assemble Strek-O doors with layers of veneer made from particleboard, stave core, mineral core, structural composite lumber core and more. Additionally, a strong finish is applied to each door to meet and exceed the latest building standards.
  • Durability: Your Strek-O doors possess all the standard resistances, such as resistance to fire and moisture. However, Strek-O goes a step further. We offer doors with additional functionality: you can custom design a door to be sound retardant, lead-lined or bullet-proof.
  • Design: You can match Strek-O commercial wood doors to perfectly match the style of your business’s interior. With modern designs and beautiful color choices, you’re sure to find something everyone can agree on. Furthermore, you can choose the cut of wood for every door, allowing you the ultimate in customization.
Strek-O Commercial Wood Doors down the hallway of an office

Manufacturers You Can Trust

Crawford & Brinkman is excited to offer the Greater Peoria area Strek-O commercial wood doors because we believe in the product being provided. Strek-O has been a leader in the door industry for over nine decades. With their extensive experience and focus on quality, Crawford & Brinkman is proud to be partnering with a manufacturer who embodies our ideals and best practices so closely.

Contact Our Office

If you’re interested in one of Strek-O’s door products or are looking for other products and services related to doors, windows, awnings and more, give the team at Crawford & Brinkman a call today. You can contact us at 309-740-1014 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 7715 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.