Strek-O Architectural Wood Doors

Strek-O Architectural Wood Doors

Partnering with Strek-O to Bring You the Best Architectural Wood Doors

Crawford & Brinkman is excited to be partnering with Strek-O and begin selling their unique and high-quality brand of doors to the Greater Peoria area. Our goal is to provide families and businesses with the best options for interior and exterior doors, and we believe to be doing just that by helping connect clients with Strek-O’s beautiful and sturdy architectural wood doors.

What Makes Strek-O Doors Unique?

Strek-O manufactures doors you’re sure to love, from the materials used to the incredible capabilities of their products.

  • Materials: Strek-O’s doors are made from material meant to last a lifetime. You can select one of their many door products using materials such as particleboard, stave core, mineral core, structural composite lumber core and more.
  • Function: Depending on what you need your door for, Strek-O doors offer unique features not found with typical brands. For example, their products include lead-lined and bullet-proof doors for added protection. Additionally, if quiet and noise are a concern for you, you can choose from several sound retardant doors.
  • Customizability: Strek-O manufactures doors with a variety of veneer cuts and finishes. Cuts include rotary, plain sliced, quartered and rift (and if you want to see what those look like, check out their site). Additionally, the latest in finishing technology increases your doors’ durability and allows you to choose appealing colors or shades of red oak and white maple wood.
Strek-O Architectural Wood Doors used for an office space

Interior and Exterior Doors

Strek-O architectural wood doors are perfect for interior and exterior use. They design beautiful entry doors that provide incredible insulation and further add to your home’s value and curb appeal. Or, if you’re in an office setting looking for sturdy interior doors, Strek-O can offer doors to offer the most in privacy and protection.

Call to Learn More

If you’re interested in Strek-O architectural wood doors, give the team at Crawford & Brinkman a call today. We can help you pick what doors work best for your home or business. You can contact us at 309-740-1014 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 7715 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.