Garage Door Repairman Peoria IL

Garage Door Repairman Peoria IL

Do You Need a Garage Door Repairman in Peoria IL?

Crawford and Brinkman Door and Window Company use only qualified in-house technicians when you need a garage door repairman in Peoria IL. Give us a call at 309-740-1014 to work with trusted local garage door experts since 1953.

At Crawford and Brinkman, we believe subcontractors can make sacrifices in the quality of their work to cut corners, cost, and time. For that reason, we don’t use subcontractors for any of our service calls. In fact, we send only professionals with the training, experience, and dedication to quality it takes to give you the best results. Often, we can respond with same-day services that take only a short time. So, don’t let a broken garage door spoil your plans. Our garage door experts can get it fixed quickly and affordably to save you any inconvenience.

When you contact us, we can provide you with a free estimate on the cost and amount of time required for your repair. Our team can perform hassle-free work that will save you the time and expense of doing it yourself.

Garage Door Repairman Peoria IL

Is Your Garage Door Opening and Closing Slowly?

Think of that as a warning sign that you need a garage door repairman in Peoria IL. When your garage door operates normally, it takes only seconds to open or close. But if it’s damaged, it can take minutes for your garage door to move up or down. Pay attention to the way your door moves. If it’s slowing down, schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. Usually, this type of issue signals a problem with a garage door opener. However, the only way to make sure it gets fixed correctly is to let one of our technicians inspect it.

Does Your Garage Door Opener Make Loud Noises?

When your garage door opener malfunctions, you can hear all kinds of unusual or loud noises. Make sure you pay attention if your opener starts to make grinding, clanking, or whining sounds. Often, this means you’ve got a problem with the motor in your garage door opener or springs. We are a LiftMasterProVantage dealer and our technicians know what to look for when it comes to garage door opener problems. It’s important to call right away when you notice these sounds because you may have to replace the whole garage door system if you wait.

Contact a Trusted Local Garage Door Repairman in Peoria IL

Crawford and Brinkman Door and Window Company is your trusted local source for the best garage door repairman in Peoria IL. We ensure that you receive only quality repair work from our experienced, in-house specialists, not subcontractors. Plus, we can sell, repair, and install garage doors, windows, entry doors, patio doors, awnings, and LiftMaster garage door openers, too. Call us today at 309-740-1014 or contact us online for a free estimate.