Garage Door Repair in Peoria IL

Garage Door Repair in Peoria IL

Hire Experts for Garage Door Repair in Peoria IL

Don’t put up with a faulty and malfunctioning garage door. Not only can it be frustrating, but a garage door not working correctly can be a safety hazard. But who can you count on to provide expert garage door repair in Peoria IL? Thankfully, one company stands out as the leading garage door professionals of Central Illinois: Crawford & Brinkman.

At Crawford & Brinkman, you can be confident in our service, as we have over 60 years of experience replacing and repairing windows and doors for commercial and residential properties alike. Moreover, we never outsource our work to less reliable contractors. Our technicians are all trained in-house and directly employed through us. We can ensure the best service possible when you hire Crawford & Brinkman.

When Do You Need Garage Door Repair?

Often, you can tell when a garage door needs repair before it completely breaks. As a breaking garage door can be just as dangerous as an already broken one, it’s important to call a professional for repair as soon as signs begin appearing.

  • Opener Issues : The trouble with your garage door can come directly from the opener. An opener may struggle to open a door if gears are stripped or cables are broken. Also, the sensors (or photo-eye) may not be tracking objects correctly, either accidentally detecting objects not there or not detecting anything at all.
  • Spring Issues : A worn-out spring can be the source of many problems with a faulty garage door. Loud noises or a slow response time are typical indicators of a spring in need of replacement. Or, if your door looks to be sagging or uneven upon closing, this is another sign of a broken spring.
  • Off Tracks : Finally, your garage door could be off its tracks. There are multiple causes to this issue, including the tracks being misaligned, rollers breaking or wearing out, the lift cables breaking or the rollers being knocked off the track by a collision. A garage door off its tracks can be incredibly dangerous to operate.
A technician performing Garage Door Repair in Peoria IL

Our Products and Services

If garage door repair in Peoria IL isn’t going to do the trick, Crawford & Brinkman can offer more. We are experts at garage door installation for both commercial and residential properties. Additionally, we offer a variety of other exterior renovation products and services, such as:

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When issues arise with your garage door, don’t delay! Get garage door repair in Peoria IL from the experts at Crawford & Brinkman. Contact us today at (309) 228-9562 to request a free quote. Also, we are located at 7715 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.