Awnings Washington IL

Awnings Washington IL

Best Contractors Near Me for Awnings in Washington IL

Crawford and Brinkman Door & Window Company installation pros provide top rated installation services for awnings in Washington IL. Since 1963, we have treated homeowners and businesses with respect and quality products and services. In fact, we do not use subcontractors. That way, you do not face any risk of shoddy installation or repair services. We use only our own dedicated crew of qualified technicians to perform all work at your property. In addition, we offer you more choice with a wide selection of Betterliving awnings, some of the best products available today. Schedule a free in-home consultation now by calling 309-322-9490 or by sending us an email.

Choose from the Best Awnings Available

Crawford and Brinkman Door & Window Company allows you to find custom solutions for your property with our inventory of awnings in Washington IL. Our selection includes the following products:

  • Freestanding Awnings: Find the perfect shade for pool areas, porches parks, patios, decks, and lawns with these flexible and portable awnings. They are not attached to your home or business. So, you can take them when and wherever you need protection from the sun or the elements.
  • Retractable Awnings: Get the most flexibility and protection from the sun, wind, rain, and snow when you want it. In addition, these awnings provide your property with polished aesthetics. Plus, our products come with a 12-year warranty on the hundreds of fabrics available. Also, your purchase is protected with a five-year warranty on the motor.
  • Solar Shades: These products reflect the sun rays, preventing them from fading your interior fabrics, furniture, and flooring. In addition, they allow less heat from the sun into your home, cutting your cooling bill during the summer.
Awnings Washington IL

Top Reasons to Install Awnings in Washington IL

Your remodeling project can get the boost it needs with attractive awnings in Washington IL. If you enjoy relaxing on your porch, patio, or around the pool, or need to host clients, awnings can provide you ideal solutions to enhance outdoor areas. Some of the best reasons to install awnings include:

  • Energy Cost Savings: Awnings significantly reduce your energy bills during the triple-digit heat of summer, according to industry research. Did you know that awnings can cut cooling bill expenses by as much as 50% in properties with windows directly facing the sun?
  • Protection for Your Valuables: Awnings can also prevent interior fabrics, flooring, and furniture upholstery from color fading. Exposure to direct sunlight on these surfaces will eventually reduce the vibrancy of colors on them. However, awnings can provide the barrier you need to stop this sort of damage from occurring.
  • Improved Property Resale Value: Awnings extend the amount of square footage in your outdoor living spaces, making the resale value of your home or business increase.
  • Attractive Aesthetics: You receive a more polished and finished look with the installation of awnings in colors or patterns that match your property perfectly.
  • Moisture Protection : Do not let rain or snow prevent you from enjoying your patio, porch, or deck at home or halt your outdoor business activities. Awnings can keep you dry during storms.

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Put your trust in pros from the oldest door and window company in the Greater Peoria area. For 70 years, Crawford and Brinkman Door & Window Company has served as the trusted local contractors for installation of awnings, doors, and windows. Email us or call 309-322-9490 to request a free quote or schedule a free consultation.