Retractable Awnings Bloomington IL

Retractable Awnings Bloomington IL

The Top Advantages of Installing Retractable Awnings in Bloomington IL

Crawford and Brinkman can add to the square footage of your home with retractable awnings in Bloomington IL. Get a free estimate on the awning products that interest you by calling us at 309-316-7228.

Retractable awnings allow you to add to the finished look of your home while giving you flexibility to control its use. When you need some shade during hot and humid days, you can use the awning to stay cool. However, you can retract the awning during the winter to allow more direct sunlight into your home to help heat your interior. Plus, you can enjoy a 12-year warranty on any of the hundreds of fabrics you choose as well as a 5-year warranty on the motor from Betterliving.

Contact us now to get a free estimate on retractable awnings in Bloomington IL. Crawford and Brinkman proudly offers our customers superior products as the respected local source for home improvement products since 1963. In addition, we do not use subcontractors. So, you can trust that you get a qualified, experienced technician to perform your install, repair, or maintenance work with us.

1. Protect Your View

You give up some scenic views from your home if you install a permanent or stationary awning. When you choose retractable awnings in Bloomington IL, you can alter the view. So, you can decide whether you want to look out upon the yard, or provide some much needed shade to your outdoor living space. Versatility is one of the best features of retractable awnings.

2. Reduce Your Air Conditioning Usage

The Professional Awning Manufacturer’s Association recently revealed that homes can cut energy usage with retractable awnings in Peoria IL. Awnings block a portion of the direct solar heat coming into your home through your windows. As a result, the study indicated that homes with awnings saved an estimated $200 each year through reduced air conditioning usage. Plus, the reduced energy usage helps your household do its part for the environment.

Retractable Awnings Bloomington IL

3. Stay Warm in the Winter

Allow more solar heat into your home in the winter with retractable awnings in Peoria IL. After all, you do not want to add more shade to your home in the winter. So, you can retract your awning to let more sunlight into your home. As a result, the angled light warms your home, and that helps lower your heating bill.

4. Prolong the Life of Your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture costs add up quickly. So, you can wind up spending a lot of money to replace patio furniture that wears out quickly from exposure to the sun, wind, and rain. Thus, you can save money by installing retractable awnings in Bloomington IL. You can use the awning to protect your patio furniture and extend its useful life.

Get a Free Estimate on Retractable Awnings in Bloomington IL

Crawford and Brinkman sells, installs, repairs, and maintains both freestanding and retractable awnings in Bloomington IL. Give us a call today at 309-316-7228 for a free pricing quote on the awning products that have caught your eye. Plus, we sell and install a full line of patio doors, entry doors, garage doors, windows, and gate operators. In addition, we offer in-home sales consultations if you prefer to shop from home. However, we will also welcome you at our home office at 7715 North Crestline Drive, Peoria IL 61615.