CHI Garage Doors Pekin IL

CHI Garage Doors Pekin IL

The Best Residential and Commercial CHI Garage Doors in Pekin IL

Crawford and Brinkman Door & Window Company is your local 5-star dealer for residential and commercial CHI garage doors in Pekin IL. CHI garage doors allow you to combine the added beauty of a sleek modern style with lots of valuable benefits offered by an insulated door. Plus, we are also a LiftMaster ProVantage dealer. Therefore, we can provide you with best equipment to operate your garage door. Since 1953, we have delivered more value to our customers by offering only the best products on the market.

Along those lines, we also promise to exceed customer expectations with the best garage door installation and repair services, too. To deliver such lofty levels of performance, we use only in-house technicians who are bonded, insured, licensed, and trained to do the work. We take our reputation seriously. Therefore, we do not use subcontractors. Unlike our trustworthy technicians, subcontractors could take shortcuts to save time or money. To request a free quote on CHI garage doors, call 309-322-9484 or email us at

CHI Garage Doors Give You Options for Insulation

You can take advantage of optional insulation if you are looking at purchasing CHI garage doors in Pekin IL. With an insulated garage door, you get extra layers of steel and insulation materials. You can experience many great benefits from insulated garage doors. CHI provides products with the following insulation choices:

  • Polystyrene Insulation – This is a popular choice for property owners looking for a good value and basic insulation capability. It is the least expensive of the two options.
  • Polyurethane Insulation – Though this is the more expensive choice, it is also denser than polystyrene. Consequently, it makes your door more durable and adds resistance to shaking and vibrations when the door opens and closes.

Improve the Value of Your Home with CHI Garage Doors

When you choose CHI garage doors in Pekin IL, you can increase the resale value of your property. With insulated CHI garage doors, you get a solution that increase energy efficiency, maximizes the usability of your garage, and improves curb appeal. With all those excellent benefits, you can expect a higher return than a property with a non-insulated garage door. Unless you have a detached garage, the benefits of installing an insulated CHI garage door far outweigh the downside.

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Increase Energy Efficiency with CHI Garage Doors

By spending a little more, you can save big with insulated CHI garage doors in Pekin IL. If that sounds like it does not make sense, let us explain it. If you own an attached garage, then the interior of your property shares at least one wall with your garage. Thus, any extreme hot or cold air let into your garage by a non-insulated garage door will eventually seep into your property’s interior. As a result, you will spend a lot more to heat and cool your home. However, you can increase the energy efficiency of your property and better moderate temperature with an insulated garage door.

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Add value and energy efficiency to your property with insulated CHI garage doors in Pekin IL. Crawford and Brinkman technicians can install the perfect solution to match your needs and budget. So, give us a call now at 309-322-9484 or fill out our online contact form to request a free quote now.