Awnings Canton IL

Awnings Canton IL

Why Your Home Needs One of Our Awnings in Canton IL

Crawford and Brinkman Window and Door Company sells custom Betterliving brand solutions when you want awnings in Canton IL. If you have questions about our products or pricing, call us today at 309-322-9484.

You may wonder why your home or business needs an awning. However, you may not know about all the wonderful benefits they offer. With the extreme hot and cold conditions experienced in Central Illinois, an awning can save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Plus, they can prevent you from spending even more money on replacement interior furniture and décor. Also, awnings can earn you even more money when you go to sell your home or commercial space because they can increase the square footage of your property.

If you are asking how an awning can accomplish all that, keep reading to learn more about the great benefits they offer. On the other hand, you can also click here to ask our expert team about our products or to get a free quote. Also, we invite you to view other helpful tools on our website such as our customer reviews and summaries of our services and products.

Awnings Improve Your Energy Efficiency

If you have high utility bills or feel that some rooms become uncomfortably warm in the afternoon, you should consider our awnings in Canton IL. In fact, awnings can solve both of those problems. Awnings provide shade from direct sunlight, transferring less heat into your home. As a result, you can reduce heat gain77% on west-facing windows and 65% on south-facing windows.

While it is important to limit heat and glare from direct sunlight in the summer, you can save money on heating bills in the winter by increasing sun exposure. In this case, you can choose one of Crawford and Brinkman’s retractable awning products. They allow you to adjust for the season.

Reduce UV Ray Damage with Awnings in Canton IL

Over time, exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays will cause flooring, wall coverings, and fabrics in your home to fade. It happens so gradually that you may not notice until you need to replace those materials. Eventually, you will notice a difference in the color of exposed materials from ones that have been protected from UV damage. However, you can choose from our retractable awnings or solar shades to prevent that from happening.

Awnings Can Increase Property Value

Usually, you attach awnings to an exterior wall to cover a patio or deck. In fact, an awning can extend out 42-feet wide and can protect more than 20 feet without installing support posts. As a result, the outdoor space protected by the awning can increase the listed square footage of your property. Since value lies in the usable square footage of your property, an awning can help you earn more money for your property when you go to sell it. If you have questions about our awnings in Canton IL, contact us to learn more about our retractable awnings, freestanding awnings, or solar shades.

Improve Curb Appeal with Our Awnings in Canton IL

Our team will design and install a custom awning that will enhance the architecture of your home or business, providing added curb appeal. We specialize in awnings that add a touch of charm and make your home or company appear more welcoming. Consequently, your business can increase its bottom line with more foot traffic, or your home could increase its resale value.

Awnings Canton IL


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