Air Leak Inspection Peoria IL

Air Leak Inspection Peoria IL

How to Get a Home Air Leak Inspection in Peoria IL

Crawford & Brinkman Door & Window Company technicians are qualified to provide you with a home air leak inspection in Peoria IL. Call 309-322-9490 to schedule a professional inspection today.

Improperly installed or sealed windows and doors are prime culprits for air leaks that ruin the energy efficiency in your home. Our professionals can provide a thorough and accurate inspection to detect air leaks in your house. We send only qualified, in-house technicians, not subcontractors. As a result, you can feel confident in the high standards of performance on services our staff performs. Our dedication to providing you with the best products and services has helped us become trusted local experts for doors and windows.

Since 1953, Crawford & Brinkman has treated homeowners and businesses with respect and our reputation has become synonymous with quality. Contact us today to schedule your home air leak inspection in Peoria IL. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, and qualified to deliver 5-star rated repair, installation, and inspection services to you.

How to Fix Window Air Leaks

When our technicians perform your air leak inspection in Peoria IL, they can identify spots where air leaks around your windows. Then, they can take steps to get rid of the air leaks by doing one of the following repairs:

  • Reapplying Caulk – We can remedy some air leaks by simply applying a new layer of caulk around the window. First, we will scrape out the failing old caulk. Then, we will apply new caulk to edges of the window, taking care to smooth out and clean any excess.
  • Reglaze Existing Single-Pane Windows – We can also reapply putty that holds the glass inside your existing single-pane windows in place. Initially, we will scrape and clean out any of the old, failing putty. Then, we will remove the glass and clean out the area where it will be replaced. Next, we will put the glass back on a layer of latex caulk. Finally, we place glazing points on the wood and cover the perimeter of the glass with a glazing compound.
  • Install Replacement Windows – If we find problems during our air leak inspection in Peoria IL, the best way to fix them is to install replacement windows. Newer windows will come designed to provide better energy efficiency. That way, you can save money on your heating and cooling bills.
Man sealing windows after an Air Leak Inspection in Peoria IL

How to Fix Air Leaks from Doors

During our air leak inspection in Peoria IL, we will also check for leaking air around your doors. You can tackle leaks around doors in a few different ways. For temporary relief, you can buy and place a door draft stopper around the interior base of the door. Next, you can try applying weather stripping around the door. Both solutions are essentially creating an extra barrier between the outside elements and the interior of your home.

If you don’t notice a significant change in your home’s energy efficiency with those steps, you can contact us to have our technicians provide a repair such as reapplying caulk around the door. However, the best way to get rid of air leaks is to install a replacement door. A new door will come engineered to provide better energy efficiency and our installers will make sure it gets installed and sealed properly.

Request an Air Leak Inspection in Peoria IL

Crawford & Brinkman technicians can help you achieve better energy efficiency by identifying problems with an air leak inspection. Give us a call at 309-322-9490 to schedule your inspection today. For your convenience, you can also contact us online to request an inspection.