Why Is Your Garage Door Not Opening?

Why Is Your Garage Door Not Opening?

Who Should I Hire if My Garage Door Is Not Opening?

Crawford and Brinkman Door & Window Company service technicians can help you determine why your garage door is not opening. For over 70 years, our in-house, certified garage door service team has helped us provide some of the most trusted garage door repairs in Central Illinois. Plus, we provide both garage door repair for both residential and commercial customers. Here are some common problems  that can cause your garage door to not open:

  • Capacitor Malfunctions
  • Issues with Door Tracks and Rollers
  • Problems with Safety Sensors
  • Trolley Connection Issues
  • Manual Locks Engaged
  • Lost Programming or Dead Batteries with Remote Controls
  • Power Source Failure or Malfunctions

No matter the issue causing your garage door not to open, Crawford and Brinkman can fix it. We use only qualified, in-house technicians, not subcontractors. As a result, you can rest assured you receive the finest quality workmanship and fast, affordable garage door repair services. That is why we earn some of the best satisfaction scores in customer reviews. Message Crawford and Brinkman today to schedule service or request a free estimate.

Why Is My Garage Door Not Opening?

Many different problems can lead to your garage door not opening. If your garage door does not operate properly, count on Crawford and Brinkman to diagnose, and resolve the issue. Here are some of the most common problems that can cause a garage door not to open:

  • Power Source Issues – A problem with a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or an unplugged garage door opener can prevent your door from opening.
  • Capacitor Malfunctions – The capacitor inside the motor unit may need replacement if you hear a humming sound but the door will not open.
  • Door Tracks and Rollers – Damage or obstructions with the door tracks and rollers can cause a door not to open properly.
  • Door Opener Remote Controls – Dead batteries and power surges from storms can cause remotes to stop working or lose programming.
  • Manual Locks Engaged – Sometimes customers do not realize they hit the manual lock on their garage door opener.
  • Safety Sensors – Obstructed, dirty, or misaligned safety sensors will cause issues with the door opening and closing properly.
  • Trolley Connection – The trolley connects the garage door with the opener. The mechanism can become disconnected if the emergency cord was pulled or there are alignment problems.
Why Is Your Garage Door Not Opening?

Do I Need a Professional Garage Door Repairman?

There are many garage door repairs that are not safe to do by yourself unless you have the requisite experience and tools. This can include problems that can cause your garage door not to open. Here are some kinds of garage door repair that you should leave to the experienced technicians from Crawford and Brinkman:

  • Door Openers – If your garage door opener needs repair, you should get professional help because electrical components can pose an electrocution risk.
  • Garage Door Spring Replacement – Replacing garage door springs can lead to serious injuries without proper handling because of the high tension involved.
  • Garage Door Panel Replacement – The heavy lifting involved with replacing and aligning garage door panels can pose significant injury risk without the proper tools and experience.
  • Cable Replacement – Like with springs, cables are also under high tension. So, you can sustain a serious injury if you try to replace them by yourself and make a mistake.

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