Garage Door Replacement East Peoria IL

Garage Door Replacement East Peoria IL

What Is the Cost for Garage Door Replacement in East Peoria IL?

Crawford and Brinkman Door & Window Company remodeling experts are here to answer your questions about garage door replacement in East Peoria IL. Many customers struggle with making a decision when it comes to choosing garage door replacement or garage door repair in East Peoria IL. In most cases, the cost of garage door replacement products and services is one of the most significant considerations in this decision. So, we want to help if you are on the fence about whether you need repair or replacement services. Please continue reading to learn the most important factors that go into choosing repair or replacement services and how much a replacement door will cost. Also, we encourage you to contact us if you are looking for custom solutions or other information.

Do I Need Garage Door Replacement or Repair?

Making an honest assessment of your current situation is the first step in deciding whether you need repair or garage door replacement in East Peoria IL. Start by weighing your satisfaction with your current garage door. Does it help or hurt your curb appeal? How many times has it stopped working recently? Have you had to frequently call a garage door repairman? Here are some of the most significant factors that can influence your decision:

  • Appearance – Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report ranked garage door replacement as the second-best home remodeling project. It can boost curb appeal so much that it adds an average of $3,595 in resale value to properties in the Midwest.
  • Damage – A few scuffs or peeling paint will not affect the daily performance of your garage door. However, significant damage like the door no longer hanging properly, a vehicle backing into the door, or a tree limb falling and damaging the door will likely require a new door.
  • Functionality – Does your garage door reliably open and close without problems? If not, upgrading to a new door will cause you less hassle than manually opening or closing the door each day.
  • Energy Efficiency – Are your energy bills rising without rate increases from your utility company? Garage doors greatly impact the energy efficiency of your property. If your door is 20 to 30 years old, you can improve energy efficiency with the best garage doors in East Peoria IL.

What Are Factors that Determine the Cost of Replacement?

Several factors affect the cost of garage door replacement in East Peoria IL. If you decide to buy a new door, consider the following variables:

Garage Door Replacement East Peoria IL
  • The Size of the Garage Door – The cost of garage door replacement always hinges on the size of the door you are replacing. A standard garage door usually measures 7 to 8 feet tall by 8 to 9 feet wide. However, some properties have a double garage door which is typically 7 to 8 feet tall by 16 feet wide. As you would expect, garage door cost will increase with larger sized doors.
  • The Material of the Garage Door – Modern garage doors are made of steel, vinyl, wood, and composite wood. The material you choose will impact the overall cost of garage door replacement.
  • The Garage Door Opener – The type of garage door opener you choose will also factor into the price of replacement. Our company is an authorized LiftMaster dealer. So, we can offer you some of the best garage door openers, including ones with smart technology that you can operate with apps on your phone.
  • Labor Costs – We only use qualified, in-house technicians to perform garage door replacement in East Peoria IL. As a result, we can offer you affordable garage door replacement services that take less time than companies that use sub-contractors.

Need a Free Quote for Garage Door Replacement?

Are you considering a garage door replacement in East Peoria IL? If so, let Crawford and Brinkman help you with your decision. You can request a free estimate online in a matter of minutes!  Also, you can give us a call at 309-691-8121 to schedule a free in-home consultation or trip to our attractive showroom. Since 1953, we have served as the most preferred residential and commercial exterior remodelers In East Peoria IL and Peoria IL. Rely on us when you need services such as garage door spring replacement, garage door installation, and garage door repair.