Garage Door Opener Repair Peoria IL

Garage Door Opener Repair Peoria IL

Use Your Garage Again with Garage Door Opener Repair in Peoria IL

Have you been stuck without a functioning garage for some time? Is the likely culprit of your garage door woes your opener? We’re not surprised! As much as we rely on automated mechanical controls for lifting and lowering our garage door, it’s a shock when that function no longer works. However, when severe weather or cold temperatures strike, you don’t want your vehicles to be stuck outside your garage. Thankfully, Crawford & Brinkman Door & Window Co. can assist with our expert garage door opener repair in Peoria IL. Call today to learn more!

What’s Wrong with Your Opener?

Garage door openers are simple in their function yet essential to the operation of your garage door. When a garage door opener receives a signal from a remote, keypad or sensor, it activates a motor to pull or push a door up and down along its tracks. The moment your opener begins malfunctioning, it’s no longer safe for use, meaning your garage is more or less inaccessible storage. Here are some common garage door opener issues we encounter with our clients:

  • Unresponsive Remote
    • You press your opener over and over again, but your door doesn’t budge an inch; what gives? Well, there are several reasons why your remote or keypads aren’t transmitting an open signal to your opener. Sometimes, the problem is simple, like a dead battery in your remote, or more complicated, like broken or misaligned photo eye sensors.
  • Worn Out Motor
    • If it isn’t your remote or sensors that are the issue, it might be the mechanical portion of your opener that’s at fault. Whether due to age, usage or weather conditions, the motor in your opener can struggle to function normally or outright cease operation. Needless to say, your garage door isn’t going anywhere if your opener’s motor can’t lift it.
  • Miscellaneous Issues
    • Outside of the remote and motor, there are about a dozen issues your opener can incur that create trouble when opening or closing your door. Sometimes homeowners get lucky, and it’s a simple error or misconnection preventing an opener from operating (disconnection from trolly, tripped circuit breaker, accidental locking, etc.) In other instances, additional garage door components like springs or tracks can break or become misaligned, causing a door to shake and shudder, putting immense stress on your opener. No matter the problem, Crawford & Brinkman can find it and provide a solution.
A man checking his garage door, to see if he needs Garage Door Opener Repair in Peoria IL

When Opener Repair Doesn’t Work

Crawford & Brinkman’s repair specialists understand every intricate detail of the industry’s most popular garage door systems. This is to say if garage door opener repair in Peoria IL doesn’t resolve your issues, we can find the right repair solution that can. Or, in the unfortunate scenario your garage door is beyond repair; we can offer garage door replacement or installation instead.

Outside of our garage door services, Crawford & Brinkman specializes in repairing and installing doors, windows, awnings and more for homes and businesses alike. With over 60 years in business, Crawford & Brinkman is the oldest and most experienced window and garage door company in Greater Peoria. We only offer products from today’s leading manufacturers and promise quick and efficient installation of every patio door, window, or overhead door.

Choose the Area’s Best

When it comes to stellar garage door opener repair in Peoria IL, in addition to excellent door and window services across Central Illinois, homeowners and businesses trust Crawford & Brinkman Door & Window Co. If interested in our services and wish to schedule an appointment or request a quote, call 309-691-8121. Crawford & Brinkman is located at 7715 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615, serving clients in Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin, Bloomington, Galesburg, and the surrounding communities.