Awnings Bloomington IL

Awnings Bloomington IL

Specializing in the Awnings Bloomington IL Homeowners Want

To augment your home, how about choosing a beautiful awning? These are not only functional because they shade you from the sun and rain; they are visually appealing too. If you are a homeowner in Bloomington, you know awnings protect from the sun and rain, increasing the enjoyment and comfort of your outside spaces. Who wants to sit in direct sun all the time? Here at Crawford & Brinkman, we custom-make commercial and residential top-of-the-line awnings Bloomington homeowners want. We also service Pekin, Galesburg, Peoria, Morton, and beyond.

If you own a business in Bloomington, you can also benefit from awnings. They can attract more business by pulling in potential customers to your store. This is also an economical way to cut down on utilities, all while adding charm and character to your exterior. Just give us a call or a visit. You will soon see why we are the best at installing all kinds of awnings for residential and commercial purposes.

When you need awning repair or installation for your home or business in Bloomington and surrounding areas, choose Crawford & Brinkman for our proven expertise.

Types of Awnings

We sell and install these many types of awnings in Bloomington:

  • Freestanding Awnings: You can put these anywhere, which makes them perfect for lawns, parks, decks, and pool areas. Because they are not attached to your house, you can get beautiful shade and protection wherever you need it.
  • Retractable Awnings: These give you the ultimate in flexibility because you can retract them when you want access to the sun, and bring them back out when it’s raining or too sunny. They also add a finished look to your home or business. Get a 12-year warranty on any of the hundreds of fabrics you choose. Additionally, you can get a five-year warranty on the motor, through Betterliving.
  • Solar Shades: The most efficient way to prevent sunlight from shining through your window, solar shades help you block the sun from the outside before it has a chance to beat down on your glass windows and doors. Exterior solar shades prevent the sun’s heat from getting in while still providing a stellar view of the outdoors. You get lower energy bills, increased privacy, and your family and possessions are protected from harmful UV rays.
New retractable Awnings in Bloomington IL

Why Awnings are Great For Your Property

Our team knows just how vital a pretty yet functional awning is. This is why we offer a wide selection of quality residential and commercial awnings and solar shades. Check out these benefits to adding awnings to your home or business:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Protection from the sun
  • Boost in property value
  • Protection from rain and other elements
  • Aesthetic appeal

Contact us for Awnings in Bloomington IL

Crawford & Brinkman is your top source for all kinds of awnings in Bloomington IL. To request a quote or to view our selection, please visit us online or contact us now in Bloomington at 309-228-9564. Also, we are located at 7715 N Crestline Dr, Peoria, IL 61615.